Present activities of the afro-asian-american chamber of commerce, occupational research and development (ACCORD)

1. Consultancy to the selected countries in the African as well as the Asian continents for the establishment of universities, colleges and centres of excellence besides skill development enterprises with a view to solving the problems of unemployment.

2. Launching of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programmes through mutual and technical cooperation for initiating study and research based activities in the areas of hotel management, catering technology, information sciences, business and related issues of business and administration, geoinformatics, bioinformatics, human rights, intellectual property rights, engineering, medical sciences, geriatric care, disaster management, sustainable development, ecology and environment etc.

3. Establishing smart towns and cities for sustainable living and for ensuring climate change management for protecting our Mother Earth.

4. Conducting environmental impact assessment along with pollution monitoring and control in sugar, leather, petro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, paper, rubber, steel, thermal power plants and mining industries.

5. Establishing of primary, secondary and tertiary level schools and institutions with international collaborations.

6. Establishing computing facilities outfits by providing appropriate technologies for assembly and testing of hardware and software to be used in the governments, public and private sector organizations.

7. Establishing new Ministries for the Federal / State / Provincial Governments with a view to promoting human rights, disaster education, climate change management, remote sensing, glaciology, intellectual property rights, skill development, rural and urban entrepreneurship, peace studies, conflict resolution, etc.

8. Collaboration for scientific and industrial research for promoting technological innovations in the developing countries.

9. Promoting alternative, complementary, energetic, integrated and drugless therapies with a view to optimizing the health budgets of Governments.

10. Promoting ecological tourism, adventure tourism, sustainable tourism, religious tourism, sports tourism, rural tourism, folk tourism, etc. in all countries in the African, Asian and American continents.

Our Moto :

• To Produce More Number of Job Givers, Rather Than Job Seekers

• To Bring Peace on Earth in the Third Millennium

• To Catch the Children Young for Making Them Didactics

• To Plant Millions of Trees

• To Promote Cleanliness Education


Countries Covered under ACCORD :

African Countries

  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi
  • Cape Verde
  • Cameroon

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Vision Document for Afro-Asian Countries

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